Audit Assistance

If You Have Received a Scheduling Letter from the OFCCP:

You are told that your company has been selected for a Compliance Review by the OFCCP, an agency with the Department of Labor. You now have 30 days to submit a package of required documentation, including your Affirmative Action Plan, to a Compliance Officer for Desk Audit.

Click here to obtain a copy of the Federal Regulations that outline your compliance obligations.

Call your consultant so that work can begin immediately preparing you for this submission.

JSA Consulting, Inc., will assist you to:
  • Complete, analyze, and review with you all support data and reports prior to submission
  • Conduct a Mock Audit to ensure that you are completely prepared, first, for the desk audit phase, and, secondly, for the onsite review should you have one.
  • Manage the review process, facilitate difficult discussions and/or negotiations with the Compliance Officer
  • Act as Liaison between Legal Counsel (if used), OFCCP and the company in negotiating remedies and/or settlements if appropriate.
  • More Specifics
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