The ultimate goal of Affirmative Action is to create a company environment where good people want to come to work (and stay) because they are respected, treated fairly and are rewarded for their successful performance. The goal of management training is not to force managers to respond to hiring quotas (which are illegal). Nor is afirrmative action a program that creates employment processes that give preferential treatment to one group over another.

Getting past misperceptions is the first goal of a carefully designed EEO management briefing. The second goal is to ensure that all managers are knowledgeable of Equal Employment Opportunity and their role in creating a more inclusive environment designed to hire and retain a diverse workforce. Third, it is important that they, in turn, communicate to their employees regarding senior management's vision and obligations to its employees as well as to government statutes. And, of course, there is the goal of preparing managers for involvement in Department of Labor Audits and potential interviews by Compliance Officers.

Joanne Snow, President of JSA Consulting, Inc., presents briefings that are not only information-based but grounded in reality. They are serious where they need to be as well as engaging and even fun at times in order to involve everyone in the interactive process of expanding skills and knowledge.
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